April 15, 2024
Stellantis opens €40M EV battery tech centre in Italy

Last week, Stellantis announced it had inaugurated its first, €40mn, battery tech centre in Turin, Italy. This will allow for in-house testing and development of EV battery packs for the company’s upcoming products. The move is part of a plan to expand battery building capacity to 400GWh — and significantly reduce battery weight. 

The Mirafiori Battery Technology Centre is 8,000 square metres in total, which makes it the largest battery testing facility in Italy, and one of the largest in Europe. (For reference, the largest, is 12,000 square metres and located in Sandersdorf-Brehna close to Leipzig, Germany.) 

Spread over three levels, the site features 32 climatic cells. Of these, 24 are walk-in chambers for testing battery packs (up to 47 in parallel). They can be controlled for humidity and temperature, with a range from -40 to 60°C. 

The other eight are for testing cells (capable of testing 96 in parallel). This part of the facility, Stellantis says, will be devoted mainly to “screening innovative battery chemistry and cell behaviour characterisation for future development.”

The new centre employs over 100 people, most of whom are upskilled Stellantis employees. They will oversee climatic stress tests, lifespan durability testing, battery management system (BMS) software development and calibration, etc. 

Stellantis testing chambers at new site