June 18, 2024
Spotify is launching a personalized in-app Merch Hub

Spotify is launching a dedicated in-app Merch Hub that provides personalized merch recommendations based on your listening habits, the company announced on Monday. Previously, you could purchase artist merch from individual artist profiles, the Now Playing view and release pages. Now, you can access all artist merch in one dedicated place.

Once you’re in the hub, you can browse and click on merch items to learn more about them. If you’re ready to make a purchase, you can do so through the artist’s Spotify store thanks to a partnership with Shopify.

“The new merch hub on Spotify is the first-ever merch shopping experience that is tailored to an individual’s listening habits and fandom,” said Heather Ellis, product marketing manager of Fan Monetization at Spotify, in an emailed statement. “Spotify pulls personalized recommendations for you, specifically, into your merch hub experience, so offerings from your favorite artists find you – not the other way around.”

In a blog post, Spotify says that connecting listeners with ways to support artists is key to fulfilling its “mission of enabling artists to live off their art.” The company also notes that Spotify saw its highest-grossing merch sales week last year after users saw their Spotify Wrapped results. This year’s Spotify Wrapped is expected to release during the last week of November.

To access the new merch hub, you have to search “Merch” or head to the Merch tile on the Browse page.

Today’s announcement comes as Spotify has been spotted gearing up for the launch of a $19.99 per month “Superpremium” subscription tier that would come with lossless audio, AI playlists, advanced mixing tools, additional hours of audiobook listening and a personalized offering called “Your Sound Capsule.” The tier is expected to allow users to filter their content library by mood, activity or genre.

Spotify is expected to release its Q3 earnings results on October 24.

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